How to meet a beautiful witch on Halloween

Halloween is approaching…

And there will be plenty of parties and, most importantly, women to meet. But first let me tell you what happened to Tom and Alex during previous Halloween…


The failed Halloween…

It was a Halloween night, and Tom, Alex’s best friend, had invited him to a memorable party. They had planned to go together, dressed in their scariest costumes. So, with palpable excitement, they headed to the party, hoping for an evening filled with laughter, music, and perhaps even some new encounters.

On their way to the party, they crossed paths with incredibly beautiful girls, dressed in elaborate and frightening outfits. Their costumes were ingenious, but Alex couldn’t help but notice their beauty. It was as if the magic of Halloween had turned the street into a parade of fascinating creatures.

Once they arrived at the party, the excitement was at its peak. The music was catchy, the atmosphere was electric, and the decorations created a mysterious ambiance. Alex felt confident, ready to approach one of the beautiful strangers present. So, he walked up to a girl whose witch costume was particularly well done. With a confident smile, he struck up a conversation, but unfortunately, she rejected him with icy politeness.

Not being discouraged, Alex decided to give it another try. This time, he approached another young woman dressed as a vampire. However, the result was the same, and he faced another rejection. The evening was taking an unexpected turn, and he felt increasingly perplexed. It was as if bad luck was following him, and none of his approaches were successful.

Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, Alex decided to throw in the towel. He joined Tom, shoulders slumped, and they both watched the rest of the evening from a corner of the room. The party had all the ingredients to be perfect: a festive atmosphere, catchy music, scary costumes, but it seemed that only one thing was missing for the evening to be truly successful: a warm atmosphere shared with lovely companions. Unfortunately, that night, the stars didn’t seem to align in his favor.

I hope now that you won’t follow in the footsteps of Tom and Alex for Halloween, and to prevent that, I’m going to give you some advice…


How to plan a successful Halloween?

First, for Halloween,

Find out where the best parties are… I don’t think you need a diagram for that. And get yourself a stylish costume!

Once you have that, you’ll need to prepare a list of openers that you can use with a girl to avoid not knowing what to say…


The Openers

“Do you think spells work?”

The girl will give a response, and you can quickly follow up by telling her the story of a friend who got enchanted by a girl he met and became addicted to her…


More openers…

  • What is the best costume for Halloween?
  • What scary movie has the best twist at the end?
  • What is the best “based on a true story” scary movie?
  • What is your favorite “old school” horror movie?

Now, let’s imagine that you and your friend have successfully charmed two girls. How are you going to bring them to your place or your friend’s place? You need to think about it.


Girls common excuses…

Here I’m gonna give you potential excuse destructors to common excuses girls might have when you invite them for the after-party…


Girls: “We’re tired.”

Boys: “We only live once, let’s enjoy the moment, we might never see each other again.”


Girls: “We have to get up early tomorrow.”

Boys: “I also have to get up early, but experiences are priceless, and besides, we’ll be back early because I need to sleep.”


Girls: “We don’t want to buy drinks.”

Boys: “No need to buy drinks; everything we need is at home.”


With that, you should be good for Halloween!

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This is it for today and I wish you a scary Halloween!





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