How to approach a woman in the street…

An Unexpected flirt with a stunning model from Sydney

When I was living in Australia in Sydney, I was working at the time as a doorman, managing entrances and exits.

In Sydney, on Saturday nights, you had to be at Kings Cross; it was the neighborhood where the atmosphere was vibrant, and you could probably meet some of the most beautiful women in the world.

One day at work, in front of the club as usual, I spotted in the queue a stunning woman, literally the perfect woman – long hair, mixed-race, somewhat in the style of Rihanna when she was in her early 20’s but even prettier.

I remember thinking, “Ah, women like her must require a superstar, ultra-rich person, or a celebrity to be interested.”

As more people entered, the distance between this stunning model and me shortened. I glanced at her from time to time until the moment when we stood face to face. She approached the door, and pretending to slide backward, I caught her. She whispered in my ear, “You’re very charming.”

I replied, “Thank you, you too.”

She entered the club and later asked about me to the girl at the reception, who happened to be my girlfriend… unfortunately.

Nothing happened between us, but I was wrong in thinking I couldn’t interest her.

All of this is to say that in life, no matter what you think, you can never know if the woman passing in front of you couldn’t be interested in you. That’s why you must be capable of approaching any woman you see on the street or somewhere else, even if you don’t think you’re her type. You need to get confirmation whether there’s potential for further interaction or not.

And in the following lines, I will show you exactly how to go about it…


The Street Pickup Formula

To embark on what we call “The Street Pickup,” you need two things…


…Knowing what to say

A first opening line that will capture the attention of our target. This opener should be straightforward, not appear premeditated, feel natural, and be brief to bypass our target’s anti-seduction radar.

What usually works best is to talk about something personal related to the person upon whom she is likely to focus her attention.

For example, if a woman has just come from the hair salon, you could talk to her about her hair.

The objective here is simply to identify where our prey might focus her attention, and attention is always directed towards the person herself.

In the seduction jargon, this is called the “opener.”


Example of an opener I use a lot is:

  • “You’re Russian right?”

It’s pretty simple but this one always gets a reaction from the target.

But you can also say things like:

I love your outfit!” or “You caught my attention I just wanted to come to say hi


…Being interesting

Let’s say you’ve successfully passed the opener stage, what next?

After gaining her attention, you need to quickly transition to increasing her interest to prevent losing it.

For example, one way to boost her interest is to provoke an emotional reaction.

For instance:

  • Her: “I’m German.”
  • Me: “You don’t look German at all! Stop kidding with me.”

By contradicting what she says, this will incite her to respond to convince you that she’s right.

From there, you can continue on this topic or switch it up, playfully tease her, all while keeping in mind that you must find a way to make her experience emotions.


Mastering the Pick up Game

Here, I’m simply talking to you about the basics of the first interaction, but this is really just the beginning of the phase.

For example, how do you ensure you get her number for sure once you’re in the interaction?

How do you make sure she will respond when you reach out to her again?

How can you make it so that she’s the one pursuing you and not the other way around, to be able to make her literally do whatever you want?

If understanding Female Nature and becoming and learning what I call “The Game” interests you


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That’s it for today, I see you next week!

In next e-mail, we’ll dive into more knowledge on how to seduce women!





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