0 to $1 Million Rag to Richies Copywriting Course…

The first time I heard about storytelling was when I heard about Spielberg’s films.

Imagine a future where everyone has a story to tell. We have entered the era of storytelling, where the one who tells the most captivating story will attract millions of readers.

And eventually launch a profitable business for oneself.

Of course, it’s possible; you just need to know how to convince, and the opportunities are enormous, whether in nutrition, training, or even meditation. Opportunities are waiting to be seized. To enter the competition, one must be passionate and know how to sell oneself with good copywriting. That’s why you need to understand the basics of this technique to persuade your audience and potentially be able to launch any business.


Launching a profitable business…

I was frustrated because for years, I launched businesses with the sole idea of making money. I tried all the trendy businesses…

Then one day, I stumbled upon a video that made me question everything.

Everything he explained made sense.

It was the idea of launching courses related to the challenges we had personally experienced.

For years, I had wanted to develop skills that would allow me to create exciting videos, but I had no idea how to go about it.

And then I discovered copywriting, the art of writing while understanding psychological triggers and being able to convince anyone.

In the next lines you’ll learn how to be able to make your first million with copywriting.


How to achieve financial freedom once and for all…

Let’s do the math. €1500 per month to pay for trips, bills, and save for retirement. It will take a lot of time, and during that time, you’ll endure…

  • Frustration with life
  • Having a boss
  • Not being able to generate more money
  • Not being able to go on vacation when I want
  • Not being able to decide where I want to live
  • Having to wake up at a specific time every day under the threat of being fired or receiving warnings
  • Being at the mercy of a company that can get rid of us at any moment

Let’s be honest, it’s not the best way to secure your future.


False problems

You might think it’s not for you because you want to:

  • Launch multiple businesses to find the most successful one
  • Launch the latest trendy business because others are making big sums…

Well, go ahead, do it. I won’t hold you back!

But if you want to create a real online business that lasts, you need to address exciting and interesting topics that people want to follow regularly, and for that, you need to know how to write.

Simply because writing is the foundation of all information.

In the digital age, whether you want to tweet, write a newsletter, make a video, or a reel, you need to have something to say and know how to say it to have an impact. That’s why I’ve decided to learn copywriting, so that each of my words resonates and has an impact on an audience, using psychological triggers. But it’s something that, if mastered, can have an impact on the entire world. That’s why I also want to filter who has access to such power; it can only be taught to those who want to do good.


The solution to succeed through the internet…

  • Having a solid foundation through writing
  • Lasting over time
  • Offering

Writing is the basis of everything.

Focusing first on writing will allow you to get to know yourself, but also to launch a profitable business when you start developing an audience.

  • Identifying the topics that interest us
  • Acquiring knowledge and expertise on these topics
  • Understanding what interests our audience the most
  • Growing our audience
  • Developing and creating customers automatically


Copywriting techniques

1-Only one goal

Every message needs to have only one goal or idea.

Why? Because when you have several ideas, your reader starts to get confused.


Heard about The hero’s journey? It’s when a character goes out of their old life to become a hero and start a new one.

3-AIDA technique


  • The Attention is the part where you need to have a pattern interrupt (Cf Gary Halbert)


  • Here you start to explain why the reader needs to know what you’re explaining


  • It’s the visualization part, it’s a story of where your new customer could be in a few weeks


  • This is the moment where he has to take action, if not the opportunity will be gone forever…



We saw the fundamentals; if you want to learn more, subscribe to my newsletter to learn more advanced concepts.

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