Sell me this Bugatti with Copywriting…

They laugh when they saw this old bugatti but when they saw the price he sold it for they all shut.


Connection Story

I used to think it was impossible to break into this type of business, or at least that it wasn’t within my reach. You had to be a privileged kid who grew up in affluent neighborhoods to understand the codes and enter this world. But today, the world has changed. If you’ve developed exceptional skills, you can easily create your own empire and join this category of people. The only difference is that you will have reached this peak on your own.


Why do you want to buy a Bugatti in first place?

If you’re not rich yet, well you want to hang out with the right people, that’s how you’ll 10X your chances to become rich…

Would you invest 30K the right way to become a millionaire faster?

Identifying the typical Bugatti customer can be an interesting exercise. Although each customer is unique, there are certain general characteristics that can be associated with potential buyers of luxury cars like Bugatti:

Who is my ideal client?

1. Financial Wealth: Bugatti cars are among the most expensive and exclusive in the world. Therefore, potential customers must have a high level of wealth to afford these vehicles.

2. **Car Collectors**: Bugatti customers are often car enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the brand’s history and rarity.

3. **Performance Enthusiasts**: Bugatti cars are renowned for their exceptional performance, attracting customers who seek an unparalleled driving experience and have the skills to make the most of it.

4. **Prestige and Status**: Owning a Bugatti is often seen as a symbol of status and success, attracting individuals who value the prestige associated with the brand.

5. **Exclusivity and Customization**: Bugatti customers are often drawn to the exclusivity and the ability to customize their car to their unique tastes and preferences.

6. **Technology Enthusiasts**: Bugatti is known for its commitment to technological innovation and engineering excellence, attracting customers who appreciate the latest advancements in automotive technology.

In summary, Bugatti customers are generally wealthy individuals who are passionate about cars and seek the exclusivity, prestige, performance, and technological innovation that the brand offers.

Where to find them?

Given the exclusive nature of the brand and the high price of its cars, potential Bugatti customers are often found in specific social and economic circles. Here are some places where you might meet potential Bugatti customers:

1. **Prestigious Automotive Events**: Luxury car shows, renowned automotive events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, historic car races, and similar events often attract potential Bugatti customers.

2. **Concours d’Elegance**: These are events where luxury and collector cars are displayed and judged based on their quality and aesthetics. It’s a place where Bugatti owners might showcase their cars.

3. **Exclusive Car Club Meetings**: Car clubs reserved for luxury car owners are prime locations to meet potential Bugatti customers.

4. **Luxury Resorts**: Places where wealthy individuals vacation, such as exclusive beach resorts, high-end ski destinations, and luxury hotels, can be places where you might meet potential Bugatti customers.

5. **High-End Social and Cultural Events**: Charity galas, fundraising events, gala dinners, and high-level cultural events are often attended by affluent individuals who could be potential Bugatti customers.

6. **Specialized Online Forums and Events**: Online communities and forums dedicated to luxury cars and automobiles, in general, can also be places where potential Bugatti customers gather virtually to discuss their shared passions.

It’s important to note that the exclusive nature of Bugatti’s clientele means these individuals may be discreet and value their privacy. Therefore, it can be challenging to meet them in ordinary public contexts.



Knowing your Audience

Summary of Copywriting elements we’ll use

  • ### AIDA
    #### Pattern Interrupt

    Problem: You can’t join the club of the rich because you don’t do business with them, but the rich won’t do business with you if you’re not part of their club… If you want to join the club of the rich more quickly,

    #### Recontextualization

    Show the prospect that the problem they think they have isn’t the REAL problem -> It’s not difficult to find wealthy clients; it’s simply that you haven’t learned to do your research correctly and use the right techniques to convince them.


### Attention

This simple investment can save you decades in your climb and expansion of your empire…

### Interest

Becoming rich is great, but becoming rich quickly is even better, right? For that, you need a way to meet the right people—those with the budgets that will allow you to move to the next level, the people who will help you enter the exclusive circle.

### Desire

You will never truly be rich if you’re not part of the club, and to be part of the club, you need to be rich… You see what I mean.

You can keep hustling every day and be the best, but if you don’t meet the right people, it can take years, even decades, to reach the top.

This is why you need a ticket that will immediately propel you into the club of wealthy Bugatti owners. If you want to enter the club of the rich, you need a ticket; otherwise, you will never be accepted.

This ticket is this Bugatti. With 100K, you will be able to stand out and be well-regarded by the Bugatti company, which will give you access to a network of events where the rich gather.




The Skills you need…


Imagine yourself behind the wheel of your Bugatti, not for the first time, but now the latest model. People see you as the Michael Jordan of copywriting—some defeats but also many victories. When a company approaches you, they know they are addressing you because they want professional work, and that’s why they pay you so much.


If I could do it and show you, now it’s your turn to do it. By learning the basics of copywriting, you too can quickly…

Imagine if you could sell anything under the sun…

Imagine having the power to sell whatever you want to whoever you want, simply by understanding a domain and knowing how to use the psychological triggers that make people want to give you their money.


The Gold Ticket

To get this ticket, the best way is to acquire a Bugatti. However, acquiring a Bugatti is not something everyone can do, especially not someone who doesn’t have 3 million to spend on this extremely exclusive brand.

That’s why you need to start with a classic Bugatti, to demonstrate your attachment to the brand and have your entry ticket to mingle with high society.



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