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How to use the power of AI and Google Ads to Bootstrap the Million-dollar Next Start-Up in few days…


John, a determined and resourceful entrepreneur, initiates a Google campaign to acquire clients for his Start-Up that offers VR Training Solutions. He receives a few calls that barely help him cover his bills and keep the business running.


However, on January 1st, 2023, a decisive turning point occurred regarding the sustainability of his business. The calls stopped, and John no longer appears in Google search results.

Despite his company’s dwindling cash flow, John thinks it’s just a slow period and believes things will improve soon.


As time passes and his stress levels rise, John discovers something weird is happening with his campaign. He decides to cancel it, watches couple of tutorials on YouTube, and launches a new campaign.

But still, nothing changes.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the phone remains silent.


John begins to worry and decides to contact Google support team, providing screenshots in the hope of a quick solution. Unfortunately, he receives nothing that could help him.

Faced with three months of inactivity and a lack of support, John is now considering closing his business.


I hope you’re not trying to become the next John!

This is why in the following lines, you’ll learn how to launch a campaign on Google and avoid falling into this kind of situation.


How Google Ads works…

Number one thing to start with, is to make sure you prepare the setup of your Google Ads platform correctly.

And to that, your tracking has to be in place over wise, the algorithm won’t be able to optimise properly…


Setup Your tracking Tags correctly…

To make sure that your tracking is in place, for this you have 2 options:

  • Do it yourself using tutorials on YouTube, for example.
  • Have it done by your marketing agency or directly by Google, get in touch with your representative (if you don’t have a representative, contact me, and I will connect you with one).

Understand the right objective…

What are you trying to achieve realistically?

Sales, Prospects or Make your brand known a little more?

There are only 3 main marketing objectives for every business:

  • Lead Generation
  • Online Sales
  • Brand Awareness

In my example: I target leads for solar panels installers new users so it would be a lead generation campaign.

Now that we have our goals, we can start to select our campaign type…

Choosing the Network…


  • Search Network: If you’re starting from scratch, I’d recommend starting a search campaign if you’re objective is lead generation.
  • Display Network: would be more appropriate for retargeting purposes.
  • Shopping: if you’re an e-commerce and your objective is online sales.
  • Video: if you have high-quality video creatives and looking to raise brand awareness for your service or product
  • Apps: in case you’re promoting an application

Again in my example, I use Search network as I want to target people that are looking for solar leads. For that at the moment I’m only trying to get my leads from people that are searching online, so I select Search Network.

Once we have our network selected, we have to build the settings for our targeting…


The Targeting Settings…

  • The Network: Here you can select Search Network, if you want to expand for the search network
  • Location: This one is easy, this the area where you want to advertise, it could be a neighbourhood, a city, a country or the world. Make sure that you select Presence instead of Presence or Interest. That ensures you that only people in the
  • Language: The language should be similar to the language you’ve created your website
  • The Audience: If you know about your audience, you can use this settings to target a specific audience. For instance: Home owners or Music Lovers…

It’s now the time to decide on how much you’ll spend…

The Bidding Strategy…

If you’re starting from scratch, you want wait for your tracking to be in place and then start focusing on clicks first and 2 weeks after, once you start to have enough data to optimise you can switch it for conversion.

If you start to optimise for conversion without enough data you’re risking having Google algorithm not optimising properly for the best results.

In my example, I’d select Maximise clicks during 2 weeks at a $5 campaign to start to optimise.

Now that you’ve selected your bidding strategy, the fun part begins…


The Copywriting part…

Now it’s time to create Effective Ads That Grab Attention and Encourage Action, using Keywords, Headlines, Call to Action…

Your goal is to use popular keywords but at the same time, have attractive headlines and descriptions…

The 2024 Way…

A more effective way than choosing all of these manually.

Imagine if you could identify at a larger scale what would be the most profitable keywords, the best headlines, call to action and so on…

It’s now possible with the power of AI…


Using the Power of an AI Copywriting Machine…

Create a Profile with Custom Instructions on ChatGPT. You can specify your industry, target audience, objective, tone, etc. This will enable ChatGPT to better understand your context and needs

Ask ChatGPT to suggest keywords related to your product or service.

For instance, if you sell flowers, you can ask: “What are the best keywords for an online flower shop?”.

ChatGPT will provide you with a list of potential keywords, with:

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Cost per click

Select the most suitable keywords for your campaign and verify their relevance using Google Keyword Planner.

You can also ask ChatGPT to help optimize your keywords based on criteria such as length, specificity, and intent.

Continue by creating your ads using ChatGPT to craft catchy and compelling

  • Headlines
  • Descriptions
  • Calls to action
  • Sitelinks
  • Callout

You can ask for examples of ads for your keywords or seek assistance in improving your text.

And if you have no idea how to choose the right keywords in the next lines you’re going to learn the secrets of what works after spending $500K and getting 25K leads in Google Ads…

Google Ads Copywriting Secrets from spending $500K to get 25K leads…


If you use keywords that everyone is using, you’ll have to bet your money on expensive keywords and it will increase the difficulty of becoming profitable.

This is why you want to use very specific keywords that others don’t use.

The secret: Use keywords that nobody uses by being very specific.

Also you can use question marks in your ads, only few are doing it and it’s powerful

        • Ex: Are you a doctor who needs dog walking?
        • Ex: Do you need dog walking?
        • Are you a doctor that needs life insurance?

Now, at this point, your job should be to be creative with your headlines and using the right keywords to score the maximum points on the optiscore box.

Once you’re satisfy with your setup, it’s time to launch your ad…

And Voilà, you made it!

Your first Google ads campaign using AI.

We’ve seen how to prepare your Google Ads account for it works properly

  • How to setup your tracking
  • Understanding the right objective
  • Choosing the right campaign type
  • The targeting settings
  • the bidding strategy
  • How to use AI to help you in your copywriting
  • The Google Ads $500K Copywriting Secret

As I mentioned, you should let it run during at least 2 weeks before doing changes if you’re trying to have the best of it.

The Bonus…

As you probably wondering, what do I do, once I have my ads running?

Here again, you can use AI to analyse your ads and understand better where to focus your improvements.


Analyse the performance of your ads

Adjust your keywords and text based on the results you obtain, if it’s not profitable, remove the keywords and try with new ones.

Ask ChatGPT for advice on optimizing your click-through rate, conversion rate, return on investment, etc.


4-What are the Next Steps ?

As you already know, a few days ago, I launched the challenge to transparently show you how to start a new online business from scratch. Here are the next steps in my challenge:

    • Landing page
    • Launching ads

You can follow the challenge by joining my newsletter here.

You can also read the previous steps here.



You learned in this post:

  • How to select the right campaign
  • What words perform the best and allow you to get cheaper results
  • How to use AI to do your copywriting for you
  • And finally the next steps we’ll do together with the challenge

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