Psych Persuasion for a lucrative digital business

Cracking the Code of A €5000/Month Biz with Psych Persuasion

When I first ventured onto digital business world aka internet, I thought that to make money, all I needed was a good idea, build a website, and boom! Money would flow, and my financial worries would be over—I could sip cocktails on a beach on the other side of the world.

But I quickly realized that a digital business website without visitors wouldn’t earn me a single euro.

You might say, “No problem, just attract some traffic…”

Posting on your Facebook or Instagram profile or making TikTok videos, for example…

Realistically, you won’t get very far like that…

And, most importantly, you have no control over how you generate traffic. It all depends on the algorithm.

So, What should you do to get results and start a successful digital business?

If you want quick and effective results, you need to turn to a traffic source that you can control.

For example, advertising on a large scale on platforms like Facebook, Google, or even TikTok where everybody is always there. But the problem with that is it will cost you money, and unless you’re a son of a Saudi emir who can spend money infinitely until figuring out what works and what doesn’t, you risk quickly emptying your bank account.

So, how the hell you’re supposed to do?


How to Crack the Digital Moolah Code ?


Cracking the Digital Moolah…


There’s no magic wand. The only way to get fast and large-scale traffic, is to pay from your own pocket but there’s a trick to not spend crazy money while doing it…

And this trick is to understand human psychology—So you can advertise what will trigger the purchase of your product.

But to do that, you first need to make sure to identify a market where there is demand, and people are willing to pay for your service…


Chillin’ with the Big Dogs…

There are many niches, and I believe that each niche has potential; you just shouldn’t choose a niche that is in decline.

I recommend taking a look at this site for Digital Business ideas and this other website for Digital business ideas which is a goldmine in terms of ideas to find inspiration.

As for me, I am convinced that solar energy is the energy of the future.

A study by the University of Exeter and University College London suggests that

solar photovoltaic power will become the primary source of power around the globe before 2050.

It’s an industry where companies need leads, and considering that the average basket size is around €15,000 to €20,000 per installation, it is entirely reasonable to pay at least €2,000 per month for lead generation.


So, for this reason, I decided to conduct my first tests in this industry.

Ok so you’ve chosen your industry! Great! But you’re probably not the first, and there are likely many other companies in the market with much more experience than you. So, how do you go about it?”


Time to Flex on Your Competition…

You know there’s competition in your industry, and that’s actually a good sign; it means there’s demand. But how do you stand out from the competition?

Just like in the world of dropshipping, the winner isn’t the one with the best product but the one who markets it the best. Because, in the end, when you have sales, it’s much easier to evolve your product and create the best version.

On the contrary, if you have the best product but no one perceives it as such, you won’t make sales.


Let’s take action!

The method is simple: go on Google and search for your digital business competitors who are already advertising. If they’re advertising, it means they’re profitable.

Examine each of your competitors and note the positives and negatives.

At the end of this exercise, you should have identified things you can highlight to differentiate yourself from others, focusing only on the positives without the negatives.

But once all that is in place, how can you be sure to convince your future customers?


Mind Games Mastery…

This is where the study of the psychology of persuasion will prove its worth.

Psychological persuasion varies based on different factors:

  • The type of product being sold; an e-commerce product will not be sold in the same way as a service.
  • Whether the buyer is an individual or a business. An individual can make spontaneous purchases, while the person responsible for a company’s purchases must make a proposal to superiors.
  • There are also 5 levels of prospect awareness, where level 1 is a person unaware of their problem, up to level 5 where they know everything about the service or product and the company offering it (e.g., an Apple fan).

For my service (lead generation for solar companies),

I noticed that none of the competitors position themselves as SAAS (Software as a Service). However, I believe this solution would be more efficient for a solar company constrained by time, seeking speed and efficiency while maintaining a high level of control.

CRM SAAS like Salesforce or HubSpot unanimously appeal to businesses, but their weakness is that these software solutions are often very general and not specialized for a specific business.

To attract my first prospects, for example, the prospect could enter their contact information, access a space for free with a presentation on how to use the software, and immediately start using their new product, receiving leads right after placing an order.

Prospects searching for lead delivery on Google are at level 3 consciousness, meaning they are aware of their problem and know there’s a solution. They’re simply looking for the best solution on the market.

The idea here is to persuade by demonstrating why our software is different from the competition.

The ideal approach is to create a SAAS with a free trial to show that the solution works, so the prospect faces no friction in starting to use it.

Today, creating a SaaS is no longer so difficult. You can build one in just a few hours using no-code software. For example, Go High-Level allows you to create your SaaS in just a few minutes.

Subsequently, we could potentially contact the prospect to better assess and meet their needs.

To validate if the method works, the idea is to implement this by next week to launch the first ads with minimal expenses, understand how the market reacts, and optimize gradually.


Embark with the Challenge…

If you want to follow the journey and track my challenge where I’ll expose everything (failures and successes) of creating a digital business capable of generating €5000/month in the next 3 months starting from scratch.

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