The €5K/month challenge…

The €5K/Month Challenge…


Probably like me you may have tried to make money online.

The first time I really thought about starting to make money online was after I stumbled upon a YouTube video of an asian kid challenging himself to fund his trip to the USA simply with an internet connection and a laptop while launching ads to sell affiliate products.

It seemed unreal, but he achieved his challenge in few days and showed screenshots of himself having fun and making money while on vacation.

It was like magic!

The guy was named Peng Joon, a young marketing genius from the Philippines.

When I saw that video, the only idea in my mind was to one day achieve that!

For many years, I tried various things, but I never seriously got into affiliate marketing.

Now, after acquiring a lot of knowledge, I realise…

Affiliate marketing is an immediate and passive way to monetise your expertise while having fun regardless of the business you want to launch.


Let’s see how to make it work…


Imagine you want to sell your coaching services for creating sales funnels.

You create a video where you explain to a novice how to do it and what he can achieve with it, and at the same time, you offer them a bonus if they sign up with your affiliate link.

The idea is to show the behind-the-scenes of your business and how to get results.

There are two advantages to this:

  1. First, people will trust the product you use because they see you using it and can use the exact method you teach them.
  2. Second is that by showcasing your capabilities, you also attract a business clientele potentially interested in your consulting services.

So, you’re literally starting out a powerful business where those less fortunate interested in learning what you do can go through your affiliate links, and more serious individuals can work directly with you.

To top it off, as your audience grows, you can offer a training program, giving you three products to offer:

  • Low ticket product: Affiliate commissions and low tickets digital products
  • Mid ticket product: Courses
  • High ticket product: Coaching & Consulting

I’ve tried a lot of things on the internet, and this is the method that makes the most sense…

Because it allows you to:

  •  Make money straight off the bat with your first affiliates
  • Grow your audience by teaching them something
  • Increase your credibility with your future prospects

But keep reading because in the next lines, I’ll reveal you my exact plan to become financially free in the next few months using this method and how you can do the same:

Living the Beachlife…


My goal is to get between 3 to 5 clients per month minimum, all while having content that earns me money through affiliate marketing.

In the next steps, here’s what I’ll implement:

– Create an authority page
– A lead magnet
– A mini-training
– Promote on social networks
– Network in person


The authority page

This is my landing page where I’ll send everyone interested in what I have to offer.


The lead magnet

It will allow me to collect the email addresses of people likely to be interested.


The Mini-Training

My mini-training will be a simplified version of the services I offer.


Promoting on social networks

I will mainly communicate on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Networking in person

I will attend networking events to find people to give my advice to and invite them to my authority page.

My goal is to achieve, in the next 3 months, between 3 to 5 clients per month who will pay me from €1,500 to €3,000.

So, to generate a minimum of €5,000 per month. I believe it’s not that crazy and feasible and once you’ve reached this you have enough confidence to go and get the €10K mark.

So If you interested in following the adventure and implement it at the same time, I’ll document everything I do, I’ll share everything through my emails you can sign up HERE.

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