The Casanova Secrets he never wanted to share…

The Casanova Secrets he never wanted to share…


Casanova was an adventurer who loved to seduce women, but legendary seducers of the past have always remained stories or myths counted out loud, where the seducer in question seems to possess superhuman powers.

It never teach us anything specific that we could apply.

Or, a son learns a trick or two from his father without really delving into the study of female behavior to develop an effective strategy from it.

That’s why in this email, you’re going to learn things that only few knows…


My first understanding of female behaviour…

When I was kid, every year our mother would send my brother and me to a summer camp. Each summer, it was a way for us to travel and not spend the summer at home being bored. It also allowed us to meet other kids.

One summer, I remember going to a camp to explore Mont Saint Michel. It’s a big rock on a small island in Normandy on the west coast of France, and thousands of tourists from all over the world come every year to discover this historic rock.

The camp involved walking from one place to Mont Saint Michel while setting up tents.

It was at the beginning of my adolescence and I felt different and excited…

I remember that at the start of the camp one evening, looking for some action with the other kids from my group, and since it wasn’t that late and we were excited and wouldn’t sleep, we decided to spy on the tent of a group of girl to listen to what they were talking about.

I remember hearing, “What do you think of Bobby?” and a girl responding, “I don’t know; he’s not really my type.”

Right at that moment, a girl stopped and said to the others, “Wait, I heard a strange noise. Hey, I think someone is spying on us.”

I told my buddy, “Let’s get out of here; we’re caught!” So, we packed up and left.

Returning to our tent, I thought about what I had heard. It did bother me a bit, but from that night on, my mindset completely switched. I thought, “If I’m a guy who doesn’t appeal to them, I don’t care. I’m going to have fun and stir things up.”

And that’s what I did…

I remember one day we’re at the beach and I made a challenge with the other boys to go and talk to as many girls as possible, and the one who got the most rejections would be a real man and win this challenge.

So, we went to talk to all the girls…

Long story short, talking to all the girls changed their perception of me…

In a matter of few minutes, I had become a guy who didn’t care and was ready to do anything to have fun.

At the time, I didn’t realize it, but today, I know that I had applied one of the principles that would trigger women’s attraction.

Even at a young age, girls have already developed associations with male behaviors that would attract them.

What I had done that day was applying the concept of being perceived as an “high value boy”.

By talking to all the girls at the camp, two things happened:

First, talking to all the girls gave me the value of a man who talks to women, the concept of preselection, even though I was getting rejected.

But also, it made me an action-oriented man who could focus his attention and lead other men, given that I had introduced this little competition event.

Women are sensitive to these two things:

  • Conversations with other women
  • Leader among other men

Have you ever wondered why when you’re in a relationship, it’s easier to attract other women?

Well, it’s simply because you’ve just applied the principle of preselection of women.

Anyway, after this story, a day after, I was told by a friend that the most beautiful girl at the camp wanted to go out with me, a sort of Latina with curves, and I had used these principles naturally without even thinking about it.


The secret principles to girls heart…

If you’ve never learned these principles, it’s much harder to seduce, and you end up relying only on luck which isn’t the best way to master seduction.

When you understand the feminine nature and apply the principles, you know how to attract women to you without the need for big muscles and money.

Many wealthy men lead a sexually deprived life or have to pay for prostitutes to satisfy their desires; just look at what happens in Dubai.

Learning is essential for any man who wishes to find a woman but also to keep this woman.

I’m talking about applying principles that will make the most beautiful women chase after you, even if you don’t have a penny.

Thanks to the skills you will develop.

You’ll build immense self-confidence.

You’ll become the coolest guy in the places you go because you will naturally become the center of attention without forcing it.

Expect to be admired and have constant opportunities.

Everybody will call you when they organize parties, and many will want to just hang out with you.

Having a lot of women surrounding yourself or wanting to hang out with you is a lifehack.

You’ll be the man that women would fight to have a minute with.

Becoming a pick-up artist you’ll develop key skills to succeed in your life:

  • Self-confidence
  • Public speaking
  • Seduction
  • Being the kind of person others want to hang out with

There’re other female behavior triggers and understanding them would get you easily a minimum of 3 phone numbers every time you go out. So if you go out every night, that’s 36 phone numbers each week, not bad if you’re looking to have constantly new dates with the best option you can.

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That’s it for me, I see you next week!

Until that, start practicing seduction cause it’s the coming up subject!






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