Traveling the world & while Picking up girls

How to travel and meet new people the same day you land?

Imagine being able to travel anywhere, and no matter where you set foot, make new contacts within minutes…

The goal is to be able to activate the flirting mode at any time, no matter where you are, and to be able to approach girls and arrange new dates quickly. Similarly, being able to meet strangers and make friends on the go every time.

Today, I will talk about the power of seduction while traveling and being busy.

Where to go in the first place…

Places with a Crowd

Let’s say you just landed from your flight, and you’re now in a new country. The first places you should go to are tourist spots. If you’re alone, you can easily strike up a conversation with a stranger to break the ice.

A useful technique is to compliment random women without any expectations.

You can also initiate conversations with people of any kind.

The idea here is to get in the right mindset and exceed your expectations, engage in conversation without expecting anything in return.

Example of a street opener:

  • Hey, just a question before I go… do you prefer to meet someone on a dating app or in real life?
  • Hey, just a question before I go… What is the best neighborhood for a stroll around here?

Those 2 openers work well because with the first one you’re getting information about the area at the same time. The second opener is straight forward in case you find a woman you’re very attracted to.



A place where it’s good to know how to approach people is the supermarket. Regardless, you’ll end up passing through it, whether to buy a bottle of water or even to taste some local products in the country you’re traveling to.

When you’re grocery shopping, make it a habit to talk to everyone and, especially, to attractive women when you come across them. This allows you to start a conversation, learn about the surroundings and the country you’re in, and even make new contacts in the early hours of your stay. It’s all about timing; the sooner you approach strangers, the easier your trip will become.


Example of a supermarket opener:

  • “Excuse me, what food would you recommend for a night with fashion models who don’t want to gain weight?”

This opener is smart in the sense that you’re not straightforward but at the same time shows the girl that you’re hanging out with models, which makes you automatically perceived as a high-value man in regards to the woman you’re talking to. From there start to engage in the conversation and cut it off real quick with a time constraint and invite your target to talk more another time when you have more availability.


Bars and Hotels

Bars in general are ideal places to meet women, and they expect to be approached, making it the perfect setting for more targeted approaches.

The hotel bar is also a strategically valuable place, as you can find a girl close to where you’re staying and potentially bring her to your room the same evening.

A good technique, once again, is to initiate a conversation with anyone initially to get in the mindset of chatting, and gradually approach women. If you’ve gone through the previous two stages by conversing on the street and in the supermarket, approaching a bar or even at the hotel will be a breeze for you.


Example of a simple bar opener:

  • Hey I don’t think we’ve met yet? (then introduce yourself)

This is opener is pretty simple and straight forward, again in this location, women are expected to meet strangers so you won’t find any awkwardness of doing it this way.


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That’s it for today !

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