How to make it in Barcelona…

How to make it in Barcelona…



You meet the right people during the Night…

Barcelona is known for its nightlife. As they say, to meet the right people, it happens during the nightlife.

In recent months, I have been exploring the Barcelona’s nightlife. It all began with my friend Anass from Morrocco aka DJ AEG and later on Joey from San Francisco.

Annas was looking to secure a DJ set during an event, and finally it happened quite quickly.

Within a few days, we were already meeting the upcoming stars of Barcelona’s nightlife scene, meeting people like Carla Valenti who invited us at her set in the W hôtel.

The truth is that with Anass, we had already launched our first event earlier this year. Even though it was our first, we understood that we needed to build an audience ready to follow us before anything else.

Today our goal was to be able to organize a weekly event where we can meet like-minded people.

And it seemed that we gradually put ourselves in a position where we this new opportunity is coming…


The Upcoming opportunity…

Today, when you think about it, it seems that a lot of doors have opened to break into the music industry. It used to be a closed industry. Nowadays, everyone can upload his track on Soundcloud and YouTube, choose a distributor, and put it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tiktok, and Instagram, and if you know what you’re doing you can start to grow your followers this way.

With some marketing skills and a clear plan, you can make it work.

And if you’re ready to push it to the next level (that’s what you should always do by the way) Nowadays, people are looking more and more for experiences.

You’re securing to make a name for yourself, and Barcelona is located in the Mediterranean where a lot of big venues are well known worldwide.

If you know, you know… But let me tell you something, in the event industry the Mediterranean coast is where the party at… Let’s take Miami for example which is a worldwide scene, well I might make some haters for saying this but I believe it might be not even 1/10 if you compare it with the Mediterranean coast, we’re talking about several countries here like Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Greece and places like Barcelona, Saint Tropez, Monaco, Marrakech…

I’m not saying you’ll become the king of all those places, but the opportunity is huge.


The Roadmap…

Now let’s talk a little bit about how you’ll make it in Barcelona or any other big city really…

From what I’ve learned over the years, the most important things to make any business work are:

Discipline, Hard Work, and a Team


  • Discipline: You need to be organized and commit to doing what needs to be done on time.
  • Hard Work: Once the routine is established, it’s all about working to the best of your abilities.
  • Team: To scale your business, it’s important to quickly build a team that can handle various aspects of the company.

So thinking about launching this type of project, here are the questions you should ask yourself:


Where should I make myself known first?

Offer entertainment to restaurants, venues and other events so they attract more customers.

How to build an audience that wants to attend your events?

This is all about marketing yourself the right way on social media. Simple… Make it appealing and people will want to join. Offer them gifts if you can to build loyalty for those who come often or spend money. And bring a lot of girls…

How to create events that stand out from the competition?

After watching Steve Aoki’s documentary, I realized one thing. When he does an event, he puts all his energy on stage, and the only thing he thinks about is the audience’s experience. The goal is to give the maximum to engage the audience, and for instance, mascots are an example of what entertains the crowd.

Using the power of Technology

Fortunately, today, with a small team, you can quickly build a substantial business if you know how to manage the power of AI.


The Dark Side…

Now let’s talk about the Dark Side, and that’s why you have to build you up first cause if you want to make it you’ll have to handle this one…

Expect to face many rejections from various businesses, persons etc… and that’s why I recommend building yourself, especially with the pick-up game first, cause it’s good training to handle rejections, build yourself, and start to meet a lot of girls, and this is why I recommend to pick up at least some knowledge on how to pick up girls first here


🌊💰Beachlife Money

That’s it for today !

In my next emails, I’ll focus on the power of networking for your business and building an audience…

Until next time, Peace




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