Case study: 0 to €100K/Month by selling digital products…

In my previous email, I was discussing the potential earnings that can be achieved through building an online audience and starting an online business on the right foot. I also shared what I am currently doing and how to get started on the right track, so today I’ll share with you a little bit about my expertise and I learned along the way…


How this french dude Makes €100K per month selling simple courses he makes in 2 hours only ?

Antoine is one of those entrepreneur who create a course on a subject in a couple of hours every two weeks. These are relatively short courses that are not sold at very high prices (although their price is far from negligible and is justified by Antoine’s personal branding).

He sells each course for 200 euros in his catalog.

Therefore, Antoine is an impulsive creator who doesn’t aim to sell “big courses.”

He has created over 130 online courses and sends emails every morning to over 30,000 subscribers on his email list.

He now generates a comfortable monthly income of 100K€ per month as a solopreneur,

But it hasn’t been always like this…


How did he get there?

After high school, he starts a bachelor’s degree at a business school and stops posting on his blog due to lack of time.

But during an internship as a pool salesman, he suddenly realizes that he is not cut out for traditional employment and the daily grind.

Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Workweek,” Antoine BM sets himself a simple challenge: to make a living online. More specifically, to make a living online within 12 months by pursuing his passion for travel.

It’s 2015, and he takes a gap year, hoping it will allow him to embark on an entrepreneurial life.


Antoine Takes Off

Antoine starts publishing a video every day on his YouTube channel for a year while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Slowly, his YouTube channel takes off. He starts creating courses to monetize his audience, and it works. He manages to make a living online by living off his content. Currently, he has over 130,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has published over 700 videos.


What is the secret sauce?

Antoine used his travel videos to attract curious people interested in his lifestyle and then offered them the opportunity to learn more about how he managed to sustain himself by subscribing to his email list. Every day, he publishes high-quality email content, which enables him to showcase his digital products to sell them.





Perhaps today, you find yourself in the same situation I was in back in 2017. You know that you don’t want to continue working for a boss and earning minimum wage. Above all, you want to have the freedom to live wherever you want in the world.

I understand your situation perfectly, and that’s why I created Beachlife Money. My mission is to show You that no matter where you are, with a little work, it’s possible to generate income from anywhere in the world.


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In my next email, I will explain to you how you too can get started and generate your first online income quickly in less than a month.

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