Most women won’t suit you…

Most women won’t suit you…

As men we’re attracted by a lot of women but we have to understand that most of them are not for us…

Understand that this is just physical attraction, when wasting time to chase, you’re getting distracted from your life mission and losing your precious time.

If 80% of women are attracted by only the top 20% of men, does it mean that the top 20% should get all of them?

Sure they could fuck a different girl every single night but they would also get distracted from their mission and take the risk to possibly to diminish themselves and fall into the 80% male category that are not attracting anything.

Back in a days I was that guy! Just chasing women, nothing else, not even working.

Yes I could get 20 new phone numbers a day easy but in reality I was wasting time, unless you’re trying to develop your social abilities, there’s no point to spent your days like this.

You have to maintain the right level of work towards your purpose in priority and there’s no time for chasing women.

Imagine if a lot of women would be attracted by you, you’d need to filter them a lot to find the ones that are worth your attention. So you’d have to be also very selective especially if you’re looking for the right partner.


Be comfortable being alone…

You should be comfortable of being only with yourself and always keep your main focus during your marathon towards your life mission, everything else is secondary, even the day you feel you found the right woman in your life, the reality is that people change…

Being with yourself means time for improvement and better organization, time to take care of yourself, and building a financial empire that will support you during your old age.

Every man has a seed and when you distribute it, it takes a lot of energy out of you.

This energy can actually be used to pave your way to a successful life, so it should be used wisely.

However, the only woman that you might eventually pursue is the one you meet in an environment where both have common interests and values, not when dictated by your impulses.

It should come as a natural attraction, you don’t want to force yourself to pursue it, you should feel everything comes flawlessly and you need to make sure first that this woman adds something to your life other than sex and her physic, she should be aligned with your life mission and be the cherry of the cake regarding your life mission quest.

You can talk with women and even flirt with them, why not? but don’t fall into the trap of chasing them, do that only to develop your social skills (more on that in the next weeks)

You might be a prince now, but one day you’ll be a king and it will come with a lot of responsibilities, one of them is being able to switch the queen if you feel it’s necessary for the well-being of your kingdom because whether the queen like it or not, the king remains the masterpiece of his empire…

It can sound harsh but In today’s society, most women will be waiting for you at the finish line when they’re sure you’re about to accomplish your victory lap, they don’t want to take the risk of betting on the wrong horse.

So when we become kings we have to protect our empire at all costs, and this means making sure we put the right woman in the queen’s place.


🏁🏆A princess will appear on your victory lap…

One day you’ll become the right horse and you’ll have to play your cards accordingly, always bet on you above anything else before, during, and after your victory lap.

This mentality should never change and you should remind to yourself until your deathbed.

Let’s be real for a second you have less than 0,001% of chance coming across a unicorn that will be with you from day 1.

In this case, maybe you should take the fact that she was with you a long time before your success into consideration, but for whatever reason remain focused on your life mission and keep your kingdom safe from distractions.

As a prince on his life mission, the more you’re getting close to your victory lap, the faster the right princess will come across your path.
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That’s it for today !

Until next time, Peace




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