Snoop is quitting weed…

Snoop Dogg said “I’m quitting weed cause I need to network with a couple of trillionaires first…”


Hahaha, admit it, that one was good! But Snoop really announced that he was quitting smoking, but it was just a ruse on his part for a smoke-free fire promotion campaign…

Anyway, today I’m going to explain to you how to multiply your finances by networking with millionaires…


The Power of Network…

Imagine you’re like a lone rock in space. If you’re just drifting without any direction or purpose (like being part of a group), you might find it hard to keep going and might give up easily when faced with challenges.

Now, picture joining a group of motivated and successful people as entering a solar system. Suddenly, you start orbiting around a “success star” because the group’s energy and motivation pull you in. Being part of this group makes it easier to stay on track, overcome obstacles, and improve yourself because you’re influenced by the positive force of the group.


Hang out with the right people

Shaan Puri, the co-host of “My First Million Dollar Podcast,” which is one of the most listened-to podcasts in the United States, was shocked to learn that his 21-year-old intern had become a millionaire while he himself had struggled until his thirties to achieve the same.

In fact, it has nothing to do with magic; it’s simply because Shaan and Sam, the two hosts of the podcast who are already multi-millionaires, had the intern constantly in contact with them. By being attentive and absorbing their mindset, the intern was influenced by them, positioning himself at a similar level, ultimately he also became millionaire overtime.

Hang out with the right people is extremely important, and the achievement of your dreams depends on it.


How to get in touch with the right people?

I remember back when I was doing dropshipping, I came across an ad from a young French entrepreneur who had generated millions through his e-commerce brands and was now living in Dubai. I simply sent him a DM on Instagram, and to my great surprise, a day later, I had a message and it was him. In his message, he gave me advice for success and told me I could get in touch with him when I want on Instagram. It was incredible. I realized that you should never limit yourself and not hesitate to send messages even if you’re not sure of getting a response.


Talk to girls and… everyone else

When I started talking to many girls, I began to develop ease in conversing with people, which allowed me to be more comfortable with those around me. This immediately led to the development of a smooth and effortless way of connecting that I could also use in business.

Ideally, approaching a maximum number of girls has two advantages:

  • Developing social skills
  • Getting phone numbers from attractive girls

Another way to cultivate the right mindset for networking is simply to engage in conversations with as many people as possible about anything and everything, without a specific interest, just to get used to being around a large number of people.

It will become automatic, and even in your business or career relationships, you will be much more at ease.


How to managed B2B prospecting even if you’re not comfortable facing constant rejection?

Prospecting for businesses is one of the most challenging job, but when you master this skill, you can secure contracts worth several hundred thousand euros and all your friend can start to call you “Patron”…

Well, at the beginning of the year, I had this partnership opportunity with a training center that allowed me to collect funds from the government to assist businesses. In other words, I could offer services to businesses literally for free; they didn’t have to spend anything, and I got paid by the government.

On paper, it sounds fantastic, but in reality, it wasn’t that easy, as most companies were completely suspicious and thought it was a scam. Changing the preconceived ideas of certain people is very challenging…

Fortunately, at a party, I ran into a friend who was looking for a job, so I offered him to come work with me. When prospecting together, I realized it became much easier than doing it alone. As a result, we signed four contracts in just one week.

Time flew by, and it even became somewhat enjoyable.


Action Steps

To summarize, here are the actions to take:


👉🏽Hangout with the right group of people

There are several ways to hang out with the right people. The first is simply to meet a circle of individuals by frequently attending entrepreneurial events and identify the right events.

The second is also to find a group of people online, for instance X (previously twitter) is pretty cool platform for networking.


👉🏽Go with a friend

While it was quite challenging for me to prospect businesses, I came up with the idea of proposing to a friend to do it with me, and for each contract, I would pay him. By doing this, it created motivation.

If you don’t feel comfortable launching yourself, one of the best techniques is to do it with a friend. This will create motivation, and you can support each other.


👉🏽Talk to girls

To the extent possible, try to talk to everyone. Compliment people on the street, talk to girls. By developing this habit, it will become much easier to open up and engage in conversation with anyone you meet.

🌊💰Beachlife Money

That’s it for today !

Until next time, Peace




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