AI on the Rise: Job Insecurity Increasing exponentially!

Picture yourself one day arriving at your office, and your boss tells you that tomorrow you don’t need to come back because the company has now hired robots that cost much less, never complain, and can work nearly 24/7.

It’s scary, isn’t it? Well, if evolution continues the way it is currently progressing, we are unfortunately not very far from that future. At this moment, we have two options:

Have your recently experienced one of these issue ?

🤔 Deep down you know that something is wrong, it must be a way to live the life in your own terms...

Guess what? You're right and I was at the same position as you, not so long time ago...

From 2017 to 2023, I tried many things…

Dropshipping, SMMA, gigs, sales funnels, etc…

But my sole objective was to make money online… which I succeeded in doing…

However, despite the fact that it’s cool to earn money online, something was missing for me…

Something that would motivate me to do more and surpass myself.

Deep down, I knew there was something greater, something for which I could impact the world…

Taking a step back from late 2022 to early 2023, I delved deeper into my research on the subject, initially for personal reasons.

Earning a living is directly related to the impact one has on the world (for instance, developing a cancer vaccine would justify becoming a billionaire).

But here’s the thing, how can you maximize the impact you can have based on your abilities?

The answer was becoming clearer and clearer… You need to know yourself well enough to realize your full potential. While some are fortunate to realize this and steer toward the right path at a young age, like great athletes or other celebrities, the majority of ordinary people find themselves stuck in survival jobs and will never manage to tap into their full potential.

You see, anyone can make money if they put in the effort, earn thousands of euros online, and find a well-paying job – many have done it… 

But true success, that’s not it!

Being trapped in a job you hate for your whole life and enduring each passing day, that’s not success!

Knowing that you’re exactly where you can use your abilities and full potential to give it your all without even feeling like you’re working and constantly pushing yourself to be recognized at your true value, that’s true success in my opinion!

And that’s why I conducted all this research.

My goal was to provide answers to anyone who doesn’t feel completely fulfilled in their life.

Most people have abilities they aren’t aware of because we live in a world filled with distractions that prevent us from having clear enough ideas to identify the life that would bring us the fulfillment we seek.

Sometimes, we’ve already thought about it, but it’s the fear of how others perceive us that holds us back.

Sometimes, we simply tell ourselves it’s not possible and that we need to be realistic.

Despite what society tries to make us believe, life isn’t that difficult. If you believe in it and work for it, you’ll achieve it. And if you believe you can’t, that will become your reality.

In reality, life is 80% mental and 20% action. Use this principle, and you’ll be able to achieve anything you want.

To learn more about yourself and to steer towards a life where you can surpass yourself and use your natural abilities to their fullest extent, creating value and transforming it into wealth, I created Purpose Money…

It’s a short course that helps you understand yourself better and precisely comprehend the path that will lead you to a life of success and achievement.

For this course, I developed a unique approach that allows any student to understand how to combine what they are naturally excellent at with the world’s demand for their abilities.

As well as several explanations of the principles to follow to achieve a fulfilled life.

Unlock the Power of Your Natural Abilities with:


In order to build a strong foundation for a successful online business that allows you to have complete freedom of finance and location.

After having researched numerous studies on the subject, I’ve created a comprehensive program to help you to get rid of confusion and build a clear vision to reach a successful life.

🏛1st Part

Mental Clarity

In This part you’ll learn how to understand your life mission and define a clear vision for your future, which will enable you to build strong foundations for purposeful life and enjoy the journey instead of struggling until you get to the destination.

🏛 2nd Part

Exponential Growth

In this section, you will learn how to identify your natural abilities and how to find the areas where they will be used to the fullest and have the most impact. Learning this will enable you to discover your life mission and allow you to enjoy your journey doing something you truly love effortlessly becoming unbeatable in your field while being generously compensated.

The Purpose Money Course

The Purpose Money course is teaching you to understand yourself so you’ll never waste any more time in your life researching what you should do.

Everyone has a mission, deep inside you know you’re there on Earth for something but right now because you don’t have the right foundations you keep researching, new opportunities and get distracted from your true mission. Right now your only drive might be money but there’re a lot of chances that this could lead you to a path where you wake up one day and find out you live a miserable life you’ve never really wanted.

Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo attempting to succeed in basketball and failing miserably because he never understood that he could develop his football skills.

We’re all a Cristiano Ronaldo somewhere but first we need to know the right path to follow to reach our highest potential.

Reach A Successful Life Now...

Purpose Money Steps


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