the rise of Jordi Koalitic a young creative photographer

Jordi Koalitic is a young creative photographer from Barcelona who blew up on tik-tok.

After a couple of years behind the scene Jordi started to share his creative shooting on instagram and started to get noticed by people on the platform.

After a year or two he decided to give a try to tik-tok and made short videos tutorials of his creative work, he immediately blew up and got noticed by celebrities such as Will Smith or famous brands like BMW and the Barcelona soccer team.

He now has 19 million followers on tik-tok as I write this post.

His creative work is far above what we are used to seeing.
He often uses a lot of lights, mirrors and perspectives while playing on new angles and with a particularly creative staging, he shows us each time the behind the scene of his shootings which can be both photos and videos.

With an impactful and colourful vibes in his images, he has cleverly cracked the secret of viral photos and videos while advocating anti-racism and ecology.

In my opinion despite his young age Jordi is one of the best photographers in the world today.