vignette: mobile photography in 10 minutes




To make it big in photography you need an expensive camera, tones of equipment and even a studio if you want to do it the proper way.

And let’s be honest very few people can start off with 5000 dollars camera, expensive equipment and studio, especially if you’re a beginner. 

Well 50 years ago that would probably have been the only way to start off your new expensive hobby

But fortunately we’re in 2021 and time has changed, everything has become cheaper and with our mobile phone have become litterally powerful camera, sometimes even more powerful than actual brand name cameras and if you know how to use it properly, you can litterally go from zero to hero in no time.

Now I assume that if you’re reading this post or watching this video, you’re probably one of the 5 billion people in the world who own a mobile phone and regarding your skills, well if you watch this video until the end you’ll have enough knowledge to become the next top instagram photographer in the game.


Since you probably don’t have a lot of time to waste, and the main focus this article is to get you up and running as quickly as possible,  it’s gonna be short and simple!

But before diving to it let me just show you what you can expect to achieve after watching this video reading this article…


The Settings

Go to your smartphone and look for the pro mode


Always make sure that the elements or faces are not in dark areas.
As a general rule you should always have the sun in your back no matter what.


try to be vigilant of your environment, does your picture means something? do you see some elements that have nothing to do with your picture? well if it’s the case you’ve got to take care of that

One thing I ‘ve found to have an interesting composition is to have a minimalist approach, I’d prefer to shoot a picture with less elements as possible so the viewer can focus on the main subject.

The rule of thirds

Activate the grid on you mobile, and place your subject in the 2 third section of your grid, it’s proved that you’ll have a more pleasing and dynamic picture which results to a better composition.


Humans eyes respond well to symetry,

Symetry will help considerably improve your composition and as a result create more impact in your pictures.

The Iso

Keep your iso as low as possible, iso is a way to artificially brighten your picture but the counterpart is that the more you brighten the more grainy your picture becomes,

it’s a lil bit like preparing a coffee the more you heat your coffee, the less easy it will be to drink, you want your coffee to be at the perfect temperature for your palate



the aperture control the size of the opening of your lens so the more you open your lens the more the light is passing thru.

it’s called the focal length which is represented by the letter F with a following number

the more you want a depth field in your picture the more you increase the number

At the opposite a smaller aperture will focus more on your subject and make the background blurry.

So for instance F16 would be perfect for a landscape shot, and F2 would be for a single person portrait photography.


Shutter speed

It’s number of time your shutter is open, so if you are trying to capture a moving subject you need you’ll have a higher number.

More shutter speed equal to less motion blur

Keep your camera steady (lien tripod)

it might sound obvious but I see so many blurry pictures so get you a tripod or make sure to really stay steady to get the right shot and if necessary you can always do some little work in post production



look even the prod still use post production so don’t forget to adjust your light, colours and shadows to get a more impactful and vibrant photo.


Of course  I couldn’t get in depth in a so short period of time but with those basics you have enough to get started quickly and improve your photography skills along the way.

For advanced photographers there’re a lot more, but if you’re advanced you’re probably not watching this video.

not reading an article on a to start mobile photography.