How to become a profitable content creator

How to be profitable during the AI war?

According to one of the top guy in the sillicon valley Chamath Palihapitiya, also former owner of the nba team the san fransisco golden states , the next generation of billionaire will be the content creators.

He stated that we spend the first decade to build platforms like apple and google and scale them, then we shifted to more concentrated version of platforms which became social networks like facebook, instagram, tiktok, twitter that figured out how to capture billions of dollars in revenue.

But today the same thing happening again in a more concentrated way in the content creator industry where people like Jimmy Donaldson have millions of people giving him attention. We consume content thru individual people that we can humanize and understand.

Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast that will become the first content creator billionaire, and has refused to sell his channel for $1 billion.

While the AI will destroy all the jobs we will have from now on the possibility of living of our true passion.



  • Big problems
  • Big benefits
  • Personal experience
  • Step by step solution
  • CTA

Big problems

  • Can’t find customers

Let’s say you want to launch a SMMA business operating online, It’s becoming difficult to find customers when you’re unknown, in today society there’re so many scams, people are very skeptical about doing business with someone online especially when they have never seen or heard about the person before.

When creating your personal brand, people will start to know you and notice the solution you’re presenting, you’ll drastically divide the level of skepticism of people when bringing value first.

  • Takes time

Become a content creator takes time…

If you follow the right strategy and you’re focus, put out good content won’t take you that long time, writing an interesting article that will help your prospects can be made in one day, promote content doesn’t take that long either and networking can be made everyday. In 1 month with the right efforts you could have a business running.

Finding a remote job can easily take you between 1 month to 4 months, especially in today economy, everybody wants to work remotely…

  • Take a lot of efforts

With a well organized content strategy, it doesn’t take that much efforts, it’s more a question of constitency.

For example, one interesting article per week is enough, you just have to promote it everyday on the different social networks to attract a maximum of people, I wouldn’t even recommend to produce so much work because the promotion is as important as the content, and once it becomes an habit promotion can take only few minutes a day

  • Too many applicants for remote jobs

If you think of working for a company as a remote person you can,

the only problem with that, is that you are entering in a competiton of dozen of thousand people for the same job, I was scrolling on a remote job website the other day and the number of application was insane.

  • AI will replace every job on the planet, it’s just a question of time

With chatgpt and other AI superpower intelligence, it’s clearly just a question of time for anyjob to be replace, it’s very logical when you think about it, the only job that will be left out are the one that are artistic or needs human connections and content creator do exactly that.

  • It’s uncertain

Nothing is certain, any job can fire you anytime soon, when you have something working as a content creator it’s more certain than any job because you become an authority and people and companies will need you help.

  • there are a lot of competition

When you use the intelligent imitation concept introduced by Dan Koe and that I describe in the beachlife blueprint, you will develop your unique voice and it will make you immediately stand out in the crowd.

  • travel is not stable

If you travel constantly change your habits or work for different companies it is not stable however, you could travel the world have the same customers, work on the same passion and keep the same habits, the only thing that would change it your location which is not a problem because you can decide if you want to stay in the same place or not.

Big benefits

  • become financially free

If you work for yourself, your salary is not cap, if you decide that you need $10 000 per month it’s achievable because you decide of your pricing, and the more you grow the more you can make money, you number one advantage is that you work on something that is truely meaningfull for yourself so you don’t even feel working.

  • freedom and choice of location

If you feel you want to work from a beach in Bali, no one is stopping you, if you feel you don’t want to work, you don’t have to, once you have a routine in place it’s more like a coupound effect, your previous work will add up for the days you don’t feel working.

  • no boss, no fear to be fired

Another advantage is to not being stressed about loosing your job or being not enough for your boss, whatever you do you’ll never be fired.

  • time for health

Now you finally have enough time to take care of your health, you don’t have time constraints like when you have a job.

  • time for family and friends

Now you can organize your schedule so you have time for your friends and family

  • 100% control of your destiny

You choose where you live, you choose when you work and you decide of your future

  • travel whenever you want

You can travel whenever you want and when you need.

  • discover places before anyone else and buy cheap beautiful location front beach

You can discover hidden gems, in paradisiacal places that don’t cost a lot and start to build an international real estate portfolio.


My personal experience

I have tried to work for different clients and it didn’t work out, I have tried to reach out to companies, but the problem is that often, they don’t trust you because they don’t know you, so at the begining you already cut yourself short.

The best way to start your business is to start your personal branding asap talking about the what solution you are building. Later on clients will come automatically for help if you produce high-quality content targeting the right market.

In 2017, I built a blog in 5 days that was helping people to find the right holders for their motorcycle, around 6 months after building this blog it became profitable and I made around more than 100 000 euros working less than 2 hours a week on it.

This is because I provided the right information to an in demand market.

Framework to start your successful content creation solopreneur business

  1. Identify who you want to become
  2. Define your skills
  3. Define your unique voice
  4. Identify an in demand market with purchasing power
  5. Understand their pain point
  6. Plan 3 levels of high-quality content to solve their paint point
  7. Produce high-quality content that will help solving your customer pain to build your audience
  8. Promote the launch of your pain point solving product
  9. Launch your pain point solving product

Click in the link in the description to download your mind map

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