Discipline equals freedom



As I was listening to a podcast of motivation I came across the words of Jocko Willink, something he said hit me, as he was posting a picture of himself getting ready to go surfing on his instagram account, someone commented “that must be cool” then someone said “discipline equals freedom” that’s what inspired him to write a book about it, to get your freedom, you must first become a master of discipline.


Discipline equals freedom is a phrase that refers to the idea that discipline in certain areas leads to greater freedom in others.

Discipline gives you the structure and routine to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

Many people see discipline as a form of restriction and control, whereas on the contrary, by adopting discipline, we create a structure that will enable us to focus our attention on the most important things needed to achieve the life we dream of.

For example, let’s say someone wants to become a successful author. They dream of having the freedom to write full-time, but in order to achieve this goal, they need to be disciplined in their writing routine. At first, they may find it difficult to stick to a daily writing schedule, especially with distractions and temptations all around. But as they consistently work on their writing each day, they begin to build momentum. Writing becomes easier and more enjoyable, and the discipline required to write every day becomes second nature. Over time, the author finds that they are able to write more efficiently, produce higher quality work, and have the freedom to focus their attention on their writing and nothing else

This structure becomes a routine, which we can then reproduce daily mechanically without having to think about it and suddenly it’s not hard anymore and we start to enjoy it until we wake up in the morning and realize that we are living the life we had hoped for.

Discipline leads to health, wealth, love and happiness…

  • Exercise regularly and you will be healthier
  • Get into the right financial habits and you’ll achieve financial security
  • Be disciplined in your work and you will become more productive
  • By having a disciplined life in terms of your health, finances and work, you will have free time to meet the right person for you
  • by meeting the right person, and having the life you want, you have every reason to be happy

Discipline to overcome procrastination and bad habits

Momentum: The more we practice discipline in a particular area, the easier it becomes to stick to the routine and make it a habit.

When repeating your routine every day, you build momentum and establish new patterns of behavior in your brain. Your routine becomes a habit, and your habits build you the life you want.

Discipline to unlock the ultimate freedom

by applying discipline in the 3 important pillars of life: health, finances and work, it automatically unlocks the lock to ultimate freedom


Ta seule manière d’obtenir la vie dont tu rêve c’est tout d’abord de devenir un maître de la discipline, internet regorge de façons de gagner sa vie en tant que créateur de contenu, mais ce qui arrête la plupart des créateurs de contenus de réussir c’est de commencer un projet qu’il n’arrivent pas à tenir, d’être déborder et de se démotiver et de perdre confiance en eux, et passe à autre chose, ceci est dûe à un manque de discipline, devient d’abord un maitre de la discipline et le reste sera facile.

you’ll become a master of discipline…


Est-ce que tu souhaites devenir un maître de la discipline?

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Jocko Willink achieved a life of freedom and has 1.3 millions subs today in 10 years because he has mastered dicipline

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